Terms of Service

This contract is a legally binding agreement between you, or the entity for which you are accepting this agreement (“you”) and Shiro Ulv, a sole trader trading as Trust+ (“Trust+”).

This agreement is for the provision of services by Trust+ to you as set out herein. Trust+ agrees to provide services as described; you agree to pay Trust+ according to the published pricing schedules.

Service Provision

Nature of the Services. Trust+ provides Application Programming Interfaces (“APIs”) accessible via the internet. Trust+ provides you access to such APIs in return for fees paid as per the pricing schedule it publishes on its website. The function of a given API is as described in the technical documentation published on Trust+'s website.

Authorization of Access. By entering into this agreement, Trust+ authorizes you to access its APIs for their intended purpose and as per this agreement. Notwithstanding your explicit assent to this agreement or the absence thereof, your use of the APIs constitutes implicit acceptance of this agreement and the pricing schedules. In the absence of such agreement, any such access to the APIs is unauthorized and subject to civil and criminal penalties as proscribed by law, and Trust+ may pursue such remedies.


Acceptance of Pricing. You agree to the pricing schedules Trust+ publishes in relation to each API, which this agreement incorporates by reference. You agree to pay Trust+ as proscribed by the pricing schedules.

Means of Payment. You agree that all payments to Trust+ will be made via credit/debit card, using a card type which Trust+ accepts (Visa/Mastercard/Amex/Discover/Diners Club/JCB). Trust+ may, at its discretion, accept payment via other means but is under no obligation to do so.

Automatic Billing of Accrued Liabilities. You agree that Trust+ may retain your payment information on file and make charges autonomously in order to satisfy the liabilities you accrue to Trust+.

Payments in Advance. Where the pricing schedules provide for a fee recurring at fixed time intervals (e.g. monthly), and this fee is applicable to you in relation to your use of the services, each occurrence of the said fee becomes payable at the beginning of the time period to which the occurrence of the fee relates (i.e. pays for).

Promotions: Free Trial. The free trial period lasts 14 days and must be redeemed contiguously. Redemption of the free trial period may not be paused. The free trial period begins once a plan is selected. It continues until expiry even if the account is deactivated. You are eligible to receive only one free trial. Free trials are offered at the discretion of Trust+. Trust+ may cancel free trials at its discretion, in which case your account will revert to the deactivated state and require your explicit action to enroll in a plan and commence billing. You will be told when selecting a plan whether you are eligible to receive a free trial and it is your responsibility to confirm this.


If you violate this agreement, in regard of payments or otherwise, Trust+ may suspend provision of services.

Deactivation & Termination

Deactivation. If you wish to cease using the service, you may deactivate your account at any time, at which time no new charges will be payable. You may reactivate your account at any time.

Termination by Trust+. Trust+ may terminate this agreement by issuing 14 days notice of such termination in advance, in accordance with the notification protocol described herein. Such termination becomes effective 14 days after said notification, or at the time specified in the notification, whichever is later. Such termination is at the discretion of Trust+ and may be for any reason, including none.

Immediate Termination by Trust+. Trust+ may terminate this agreement immediately by immediately issuing a notification of such termination, only where one or more of the following situations has arisen:

  • You make a chargeback attempt against Trust+ (or any other attempt to forcibly recover funds received from you by Trust+ against the will of Trust+), regardless of the outcome of that attempt.
  • You violate any of the terms of this agreement.

Immediate Termination by You. You may terminate this agreement at any time by deleting your account with Trust+, which can be done via the Trust+ website. By doing so, you foreit all funds paid to Trust+ for services not yet redeemed. (To avoid this, redeem all services paid for before terminating your account. See Deactivation.)

Survival of Charges. Any fees owed by you to Trust+, or by Trust+ to you, shall survive the termination of this agreement by either party.

Termination or Deactivation: Refund of Advance Payments. Upon termination of this agreement, where such termination is performed by Trust+, or upon your deactivation of your account, Trust+ becomes liable to you to provide refunds for any advance payments made to it from you for which the corresponding services have not been rendered. Where the corresponding services have been partially rendered, the amount owed shall be calculated on a pro rata basis.

Deferred Termination or Deactivation. Alternately, at its discretion, Trust+ may settle or partially settle its liabilities to you in this regard by postponing the termination or deactivation date (regardless of which party initiated the termination or deactivation) until all services paid for or a portion thereof have been provided. In this case, until the time of termination or deactivation, Trust+ may, at its discretion, preclude you from carrying out any action with regard to your account or usage thereof which would increase Trust+'s liability to you or vice versa.

Limitation of Liability

Limitation to funds paid. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the liability of Trust+ to you in respect of a failure to provide services as per this agreement shall be limited to be no greater than the funds paid by you to Trust+ in relation to those services.

No responsibility for external payment fees. Neither Trust+'s liability in this regard, nor in regard of the refund of advance payments upon termination, shall include any additional costs you may have incurred in making payments to Trust+.

Assistance. You bear the ultimate responsibility for all technical competence, skills and resources necessary for you to consume the API. Trust+ may provide technical support, but it does so at its discretion and such support is not part of its obligations to you.

No Warranty For Complementary Software. Trust+ provides libraries, integrations and other software which you may use to assist in your consumption of the service. This software is provided on a comlimentary basis and is not part of the service. It is provided WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED.

Definitions: User Personal Information. “User personal information” means personal information you provide to Trust+ via the Trust+ APIs which relates to a party which is neither you or Trust+.

Definitions: Account Personal Information. “Account personal information” means personal information other than user personal information that you provide to Trust+ in association with or in relation to your account with Trust+.

Right to convey user personal information. You may convey user personal information to Trust+ as part of your use of the service. Trust+ may store and process this information indefinitely for intelligence and risk analysis purposes. By doing so, you assert that you hold all necessary rights and permissions to do so lawfully, and to enable Trust+ to so store and process the information. In some jurisdictions, this may require you to have the consent of the person to which the personal information pertains. You assume all responsibility for complying with all applicable legal requirements in relation to your conveying user personal information, or any other form of information, to Trust+, or authorizing Trust+ to process or convey it on your behalf.

Indemnification: personal information. You agree to indemnify Trust+ against any claims against it brought in relation to to its receipt, storage and processing of personal information, or any other information, provided to it by you.

General Provisions

Jurisdiction. This agreement is governed by the law of Georgia, USA.

Survival. In the event that any clause in this agreement is found to be invalid or unenforcable, that clause shall be reduced to the extent necessary to make it valid by subjecting to the minimal limitations or circumscriptions necessary to make it so valid. The invalidation, or circumscription of any clause in this agreement shall not prejudice the validity of the agreement as a whole, and the remainder of the agreement shall survive any such invalidation or circumscription.

Assignment. You may not assign this agreement to another entity. However, Trust+ may assign this agreement to another entity provided that it provides 14 days notice of such assignment in advance, in accordance with the notification protocol described herein.

Entire Agreement. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and Trust+. It supercedes and voids all other offers, warrants or informal agreements you may have received from Trust+ or any officer, clerk or other agent or representative of it. Only clauses explicitly within this document constitute part of this agreement.

Change Protocol. Trust+ may revise these terms of service, or any document incorporated by reference into this agreement (for example, pricing schedules), in which case Trust+ must notify you of the proposed changes 14 days in advance, in accordance with the notification protocol described herein. That revised agreement becomes effective 14 days after said notification, or at the time specified in the notification, whichever is later, unless Trust+ retracts the proposed change before that time. If you do not wish to be bound by the modified terms, you must either:

  1. notify Trust+ that you do not agree to the new Terms of Service, in which case Trust+, in the absence of the agreement of any other superceding or alternative individually agreed terms or the retraction of the intended changes, shall terminate your account. If Trust+ fails to do so, your account shall be deemed terminated anyway, at the time that the new terms become effective. In either case, such termination shall be considered to be the act of Trust+ and not you for the purposes of this agreement, and Trust+ may thereby retain liabilities to you as per the Deactivation & Termination section of this agreement. Even if Trust+ chooses to excercise its right to deferred termination as there described, the new terms shall not be applicable in your case even if the deferred date of termination is after the date at which the new terms are to become effective.
  2. terminate your account as described herein before that time. Because this termination is performed by you and not Trust+, you forfeit all funds paid to Trust+ for services yet to be provided. It is therefore in your interests, in this eventuality, to excercise option (a) instead, both because it retains Trust+'s liabilities to you and because it affords Trust+ the opportunity, entirely at its discretion, to make alternative proposals if it wishes to do so.

Change Protocol (Beneficial Changes). We may revise these terms of service, or any document incorporated by reference into this agreement, where such changes are unanimously to your benefit. Such changes take effect when and as specified by Trust+. Trust+ may, but need not, notify you in accordance with the notification protocol described herein in this case.

Notice Protocol. We may send notices to you by e. mail to the e. mail address you keep on file for your account. It is your responsibility to keep your e. mail address up to date and to ensure that you can receive e. mail from Trust+. Any such e. mail message shall be considered to constitute an effective notification from Trust+ to you for the purposes of this agreement. In the event of any dispute regarding the claimed non-receipt of one or more such notifications by you, Trust+ shall be considered to have satisfied their notification obligations per this agreement if they can demonstrate, via evidence, that they made a technically competent and good faith effort to deliver e. mail to the e. mail address on file, even if that did not result in your successful receipt of the notification.

Consent to E. mail Messages. You agree that Trust+ may send you e. mail messages in relation to services provided by Trust+ and your consumption thereof; or for the purposes of the notice protocol above; or where Trust+ is legally obliged to do so; or for other reasons.

Confidentiality of User Personal Information. Trust+ will not surrender any user personal information which you provide to us via any of the Trust+ APIs to any third party unless Trust+ is legally obliged to do so or it is necessary to the implementation of Trust+'s right of assignment as described above, unless you provide us with a specific representation that Trust+ may do so independently of this agreement.

Confidentiality of Other Account Information. Trust+ will not provide your account personal information (as opposed to user personal information), including, but not limited to, any e. mail address associated with your account, to any third party unless it is legally obliged to do so or it is necessary to the implementation of Trust+'s right of assignment as described above, unless you provide us with a specific representation that Trust+ may do so independently of this agreement.

No resale. You agree to use the Services only for consumption by you or employees or agents thereof. You shall not enter into any agreement with any other entity in which you resell, or otherwise facilitate access to, the Services provided by Trust+, or any part thereof, or any information obtained therefrom or significant part thereof. (Please contact Trust+ if you wish to move such proposals.)

No offer. This agreement is not a legal offer; it is an invitation to make an offer to buy services from Trust+ as per this agreement, which Trust+ may or may not take up at its discretion.

No illegal use. You agree that you will not use the Services in a manner contrary to law, or in a manner that facilitates or is in furtherance of illegal activity.

Accuracy of information. Where you provide us with information, you agree to provide information that you have a good faith belief is true and accurate.

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