The Trust+ Advantage

Trust+ aims to provide an all-in-one user screening service for web communities and sites. It identifies risk factors that other services do not detect.

Disposable E. mail Address Detection

Our database contains thousands of domains used to offer disposable e. mail addresses.

Other vendors may boast of larger databases, however Trust+ has a unique advantage that makes the size of the database irrelevant: it can automatically detect alias domains for existing disposable e. mail services. Thus where other vendors bloat their database with countless alias domains for a service, we list only the canonical domain for a disposable e. mail provider and catch all aliases automatically. Where other vendors may fail to detect new alias domains for extended periods of time until added to their database, we detect alias domains the instant they are created.

Tor Detection

Trust+ can detect Tor users without exception.

Proxy Detection

Trust+ can detect the use of common proxy services such as Glype.

VPN Detection

Trust+ can detect use of the most commonly used VPNs and VPN technologies. Our unique technology detects VPNs without the need for blacklists.

Server and High-Risk Network Detection

Trust+ maintains a database of IP address ranges used only by servers, and can detect users coming from these networks, as this may be indicative of proxy or VPN use. Other networks are listed as being high-risk, which does not prohibit their usage but informs a balanced risk assessment.